“Two young people fell in love, and we all turned up”

There is little doubt that Meghan and Harry have set the standard for a reformed and more progressive British monarchy with their gorgeously diverse and inclusive wedding ceremony. It was incredible.

It was quite unexpected too. I don’t think any of us really thought we would see such a dazzling divergence from the usual royal traditions. The passionate and engrossing sermon about the redemptive power of love from the wonderful reverend Michael Curry (quoting from MLK), the most beautiful performance from young cellist Sheku Kanneh-Mason (Franz Schubert’s “Ave Maria,” Gabriel Fauré’s “Après un rêve” and Maria Theresia von Paradis’ “Sicilienne) and the moving rendition of Ben E. King’s Stand By Me by the gospel Kingdom Choir collectively made this a truly remarkable and historic moment for the Monarchy.

Meghan’s solitary yet bold entry into Windsor’s St George’s mediaeval Chapel and her speech at the evening reception were both statements of intent in terms of what influence Meghan, the feminist and all round good cause supporter, may wield over an institution that has only very recently started to fully embrace the increasingly diverse and tolerant modernity in which we live. The use of native plants in the floral displays was yet another positive statement made to show how the newly weds value environmental issues. This is a couple who promise to use their influence to make our planet a better place, one small step at a time. Their wedding was proof of that.

After all of the nay- sayers’ negativity over the past few months, it was refreshing to see such an overwhelmingly positive response from all around the world to the lovely couple as more than 100,000 well wishers descended on Windsor with another 13 million of us watching on our television sets.

Harry & Meghan: may the power of love bring you a wonderful and happy marriage!

Star Wars Fiesta

As you all know, I am a HUGE Star Wars fan.   Any excuse to celebrate this wonderful franchise, and I’m game for it!

I bought my first set of Think Geek Star Wars Geeki Tikis a couple of years back, and last year I acquired series 2, as well as the limited edition Jabba & Salacious Crumb set.  They are incredible (thank you ThinkGeek!), and I am hoping series 3 will feature some of the newer characters we were introduced to since the Force Awakens…  

But they had just sat looking pretty on the kitchen shelf for some time, and I hadn’t found the right opportunity to use them.

And so, when I was thinking of a theme for my birthday last year, I decided to use these fine specimens as my inspiration, and worked around them to create a “Star Wars Fiesta”!

I was particularly pleased with the end result:  a bright and exotic twist on my previous, more traditional, Star Wars events, with plenty more sophistication than your usual Mos Eisley cantina.

ThinkGeek GeekiTikis

Series 1: R2D2, Darth Vader, Chewbacca, Boba Fett, Yoda & Stormtrooper

Series 2: Jawa, C3PO, Wampa, Taun Taun, Wicket & Tusken Raider

Special Edition: Jabba the Hutt and Salacious Crumb



Fright Night @ the Englands 2016

Ok, so I totally didn’t get around to posting about this back in 2016!!  But finally, here is a breakdown of our first Halloween party in our new house, and for the first time, we had plenty of space to buy extra pumpkins!DSC_1181

I decided to have another traditional Halloween theme, and I hope to be able to re-use what I have for years to come, and merely supplement what we have rather than changing the theme every year.  This is part of our attempt to avoid having too much waste and to re-use and recycle where we can.

Creep it real

As I said, this was the first time we have been able to decorate more than one room for Halloween, and to have outside space to use – I took full advantage of this, and had a perfect excuse to visit a local pumpkin patch to fill a wheelbarrow full of them!


Eat, drink & be scary!

I love coloured pasta, and bought the monochrome bow variety for our party.  The cheeseboard was sourced from Pong.com, and for pudding, we had chocolate mousse graveyards.  The bar looked particularly macabre too.

Double double toil and trouble, fire burn and cauldron bubble

It wouldn’t be a party either, without some dry ice from Chillisticks.com – this stuff is just so amazing!

Hell is empty and all the devils are here

Thank you to our lovely guests for joining us, and for making such an effort with the costumes:)

Happy Force Of July – Another Star Wars Party

It is an important year for us Star Wars nerds. Not only are we looking forward to the eighth instalment of the franchise being released in December, but 2017 also marks the 40th anniversary of the original theatrical release of Star Wars (later re-named Episode IV) a long time ago way back in May 1977.  

It is difficult to think if a world without our favourite space opera and it is incredible to think that forty years on, it continues to be as popular as ever.

I always try and choose an appropriate theme for my annual Independence Day parties.  Over the years we’ve had a Wild West theme, Captain America and Apollo tributes with last year marking the centennial of the National Park Service.   For this year’s event, I couldn’t help myself in choosing Star Wars as our theme in light of its own very special birthday this year.

As regular readers will know, this is not the first time I have used this theme.  I pretty much try and think of any excuse to have a Star Wars themed party or event.  It is such a good theme, after all!  Without wishing to duplicate previous ideas, I set out to devise an entirely new backdrop for the party.  As it was an Independence Day party, I used the red, white and blue pallete as the basis with a touch of grey and black mixed in.

Mos Eisley’s Cantina 

You can’t have a Star Wars bar without making some reference to the notorious watering hole.  I found some labels online and uses my limited IT skills to produce the Qui-Gon’s Gin label disguised as the well loved Hendricks brand.

We also purchased some truly magical Sharish blue gin which turned a paler pink when tonic was added.  A flourish of dry ice (from Chillisticks online) made the drinks worthy of any Tatooine villainous scum!

Bar snacks

I reverted to my usual party fare, but enhanced with some pretty easy adornments.   The pulled Rancour sliders (recipe from Whatsgabbycooking) were accompanied by a Maz ‘n cheese (Martha Stewart Four Cheese Macaroni Cheese) and BB8, Death Star and Millennium Falcon pizzas.   To follow, cloud city puddings (aka jelly/jello fluff), Rebel Alliance cookies, Stormtrooper Pez, Ewok biscuits, M&Ms, Skittles and Milk Bar galaxy cake truffles continued the theme.  And May the S’Mores Be With You…

Scene setters

I’ve accumulated plenty of red white and blue items over the years as well as an array of Star Wars props.  I raided our Star Wars guest room and used our Skywalker lightsaber light and figures to decorate the table.  Guests were serenaded with the New Hope vinyl soundtrack and my vintage 1980 Empire Strikes Back napkins looked awesome.

We had some great costumes too: a Darth Vader, Princess Leia and I went as a female Han Solo.  The costume was easier than I had expected to pull together.  A utility shirt with a cut up t-shirt for the tank top with blue jeans decorated with small pieces of red electrical tape.  I purchased a toy blaster that I spray painted to look more like the original and managed to find a holster on Amazon.  img_0694

I hope everyone has an amazing holiday and Happy Force of July everyone! 


The Battle of Endo(r) – A geek’s perspective on life with endometriosis

img_7641-1I haven never really spoken about my six-year battle with Endometriosis.  It’s been tough, and to date, I’ve never felt able or indeed confident enough to talk about it.  The recent awareness campaign culminating in the report issued on 27th March 2017 by the Women’s Health APPG spearheaded by Paula Sherriff MP, as well as the brave recent disclosures of the talented Lena Dunham, however, have changed my mind.  I feel now would be a good time to share my experience with others who may find it reassuring to know they are not alone in the galaxy, and that help is never far, far away.

Let’s start with the opening crawl: Endometriosis is a chronic condition affecting many women across the world (one in ten here in the U.K.) and causes endometrial tissue (which normally lines the uterus) to grow outside of the uterus, but is unable to escape the body in the same way as uterus cells.  This causes scarring and growth, which can take various forms, including lesions, modules and cysts.  The causes of the disease are generally unknown and diagnosis is particularly challenging in light of this lack of understanding, as well as the broad range of symptoms a person may be experiencing.

From the news reports last week, in some respects, I consider myself one of the lucky ones.  I was diagnosed with the disease within a month back in 2011, having visited a savvy ultrasound consultant in Cardiff who was investigating a large and painful nodule I had protruding near my belly button.  It was this incredible lady who made the connection between the unusual tissue protrusion and the cyclical pain I was experiencing and she referred me immediately to an expert private gynecologist who confirmed the prognosis within a fortnight.

After my initial diagnosis I had surgery to remove the large nodule (which was about 4cm and as diseased as the horrid Salacious B Crumb) shortly afterwards.

Instead of the average 7 years, my clinical diagnostic journey was more akin to the Kessler Run undertaken by the legendary Millennium Falcon, the speed (maybe not quite 12 parsecs) unquestionably efficient, and for that I am deeply grateful.

The empire strikes back

Whilst much of the emphasis seems to have been on the failures of diagnosis, what many don’t fully appreciate is that the disease is not curable and the options available are not always palatable, or indeed, fully effective.

Hormone treatment is presently the most effective option, and can be used following excision to manage and suppress symptoms for long periods of time.  Pregnancy can also alleviate symptoms temporarily but the presence of Endo makes this a less certain option for many sufferers by affecting fertility.

After my first surgery, I (naively) thought that would be the end of it, but three years later the pain escalated to such an extent that I would often be incapacitated for days at a time.  More surgery was recommended, followed by a 4 month hormone induced menopause and HRT treatment, which was hoped to force-blast any remaining tissue from my body.  I would not advocate this latter treatment as it resulted in horrendous hot flashes and angsty moodiness worthy of young Anakin Skywalker himself.

I didn’t think such pain existed. In any universe.

Part of the difficulty people have had in getting diagnosed is because the symptoms are diverse and often resemble other conditions.  Some people may not even know they have it, as some have no symptoms or pain at all, and may only discover the disease when they look to start a family and struggle to do so.  I am one of those who experiences chronic pain.  Whatever anyone says, the affliction is nothing like regular “period pain”, and the pain (together with other symptoms such as nausea, vertigo and headaches) lasts for many days at various points of the menstrual cycle.

As C-3PO once eloquently informed Jabba the Hutt about the unfortunate fate of Boba Fett having failed into the Sarlacc sand pit, “in [your belly] you will find a new definition of pain and suffering as you are slowly digested over a thousand years“.   OK, so I exaggerate a little. Endo is not life threatening, but its symptoms are collectively debilitating.  The pain is two-fold: the crippling cramps feel as if I have my very own Sarlacc presiding in the depths of my pelvis; the sharp stabbing pain akin to a cheese-grater-wielding General Grievous, trapped inside, looking for a way out.  On top of this, the nausea and general unexplained exhaustion kicks in. For up to ten days of every month, I suffer in relative obscurity as I try and keep it all under the radar and try to continue with my demanding job as a lawyer as best as I can in the circumstances.  I have been fortunate that my boss at work has been excellent throughout this time (notwithstanding the fact that I have never actually discussed the condition with him) and I couldn’t have suffered so long without the tireless support of my scruffy-looking scoundrel of a husband.

Strike me down and I will become more powerful as you can imagine (but not in a good Obi-Wan way)

After competing the course of hormone injections in 2014, I hoped that the disease would give me a break, or that maybe I would find myself expecting a little Luke or Leia to alleviate the symptoms via a more natural method, but here I find myself in 2017 sat at home recovering from my third bout of excision surgery.

It was an unpleasant experience overall (but the staff at the Spire hospital were fantastic).  What surprised me this time around was how extensive it was.  Not only had the disease spread like the Galactic Empire army to engulf most of my pelvic area, but also extended to my liver and setting up additional garrisons upwards onto my diaphragm.  This spread does explain, however, then chest pain I have had for a while as well as back and neck pain.  I had no idea it could move to areas outside of the pelvis, and I encourage everyone to relay all symptoms you may be having to your doctor, as it seems that most of all of my recent ailments can be attributed to this bizarre and capricious disease.  As this piece probably conveys, the disease is a complex weapon system much like the Death Star, but unlike the Empire’s most sophisticated weapon, Endo has no identifiable reactor core that can be taken out by a skilled X-Wing pilot.

After being in surgery for four hours, I returned to my room and was hooked up to a drip and other breathing apparatus to recover.  I felt dreadful, the internal trauma caused by the excision of the significant amount of rogue tissue, quite considerable.  I was swollen from thighs to belly, as immobile and puffy as the blue organ playing elephant, Max Rebo.

My first venture to the bathroom was a particular highlight, the transition from a lying position to a sitting up one forced ghastly retching, which produced a substance that I can only describe as putrid Bantha milk.  That I concluded was the remnants of the anesthetic, but who really knows.  A Cantina worthy cocktail of morphine, codeine and paracetamol kept me going through the night and into the days that followed.

Recovery has been frustratingly slow, and it’s taken some time to become less of a clumsy Gonk Droid and to start being able to fend for myself.

A new hope 

Whatever happens next, I am sure that I do not want to have to revert to this option again, and living with the pain is no longer an option.  With most of the tissue removed, I have a short window of time before the cycle will inevitably start again.  So for me, I have some difficult decisions to make.

The reason I have not taken more permanent action to date was because I had plans to have a family of my own, and taking the hormonal option would (of course) not have been a viable option taking account of this aspiration. Sadly, however, the past five years have passed all too quickly: It’s been one long emotional Speeder chase, during which I have had to come to terms with the increasingly likely alternative reality of not being a mother due to my Hoth-like, inhospitable reproductive system.

This realisation and subsequent reluctant acceptance has involved a strange grieving process for a life you will never have but that you’d always hoped you have, as well as grieving for the youngling you will never help bring into this world.  Whilst biological motherhood may not be what the midi-chlorians had in mind for me, I take a great deal of comfort in knowing that I already have four beautiful and very special padawans in my life.  I will always be there for my nieces and goddaughters as the Organas and Lars’ were there for the young Skywalker twins.

That being said, today is a new day, a new beginning and I am not quite ready to give up and take the permanent option just yet…

For all of you brave women out there fighting their own Battles of Endo, may the force be with you, always.

Further information


http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Main_Page (reference guide for the non- Star Wars fan)

Do go to your doctor if you have any of the following symptoms:

Chronic pain (including pelvic, back and chest pain)

Headaches/ nausea

Fatigue/lack of energy


Problems with a couple’s sex life/relationships

An inability to conceive

Difficulty in fulfilling work and social commitments

“Game over, man! Game over.” – RIP Bill Paxton

Hollywood says goodbye to another acting legend today.  

Bill Paxton featured in some of the great 80s movies of my childhood, including The Terminator, Aliens and Weird Science.  His stardom exploded in the 90s, as he starred in many blockbuster classics, such as Twister, Titanic, True Lies, Tombstone and Apollo 13. 

His lasting legacy will be that he was the only actor to face all three of sci-fi’s most feared adversaries: the terminator, zenomorphs and the predator.  What a guy! 

RIP Bill Paxton 

May 17 1955 – February 25 2017

#RBS6Nations 2017 #Round1 round up 

It was another exhilarating first round of the RBS6Nations! 

#SCOvIRE FT27-22

It kicked off with what turned out to be a classic Celtic clash at BT Murrayfield, with Scotland’s electric start leaving Ireland temporarily stunned. Despite a ferocious fight back by the Irish, Scotland survived, leaving Ireland with only a losing bonus point as consolation. Hogg was sensational, and the Scots will be looking to utilise this newly discovered momentum as they progress through the tournament. 

#ENGvFRA FT19-16

It was another close contest at Twickenham as England hosted France for their opener, and the French took an early lead and threatened England’s hopes of securing a second consecutive Grand Slam. But Te’o’s substitution proved decisive, giving England its record 15th back-to-back win. 


After a fierce first half Azzuri performance, Italy crumbled in the second to give Wales their first win of the championship. Although narrowly missing out on one of the tournament’s bonus points, Wales find themselves sitting at the top of the RBS6Nations table. However, Wales will have to play with far more conviction next week if they have any hope of taking on the English at the Principality a Stadium next weekend. 

RBS6Nations Table Round1

1. Wales 4pts

2. Scotland 4pts

3. England 4pts

4. France 1 pt

5. Ireland 1pt

6. Italy 0pts 

Do or do not. There is no try – DIY Star Wars Room


Since discovering the Star Wars range at Pottery Barn Kids a few years ago, I have aspired to have a Star Wars room of my own.  This only became a possibility for us when we moved from our small apartment to a four bedroom house back in March;  We finally had the extra rooms to have a little fun with our decor choices!

The timing of our move couldn’t have been better, as we had a scheduled trip to the US for a wedding in May (thanks Dara & Adam;)), meaning we could stop by a PBK to pick up the crucial bedding sets that would be the platform for our new room.

It took a couple of months to pull together, but it’s finally ready for little Padawans to visit (Jedi Masters also welcome!).

Here’s how we did it…

She’s the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy

Pottery Barn Kids has a fabulous collection of Star Wars bedding.  We chose the Millennium Falcom range.  The collection features the Millennium Falcon being chaperoned by a squadron of X-Wings as they look to take down the Galactic Empire’s “ultimate weapon”, the Death Star.  The stars themselves are made from reflective fabric, making them shine with flashes of light in a darkened room.  We also bought the matching sheet set and one of the Shams.   Overall the quality is fantastic, with most of the product having been hand-stitched.  The bed is a practical trundle design, which can be used either as two single beds or as a double.

Millennium Falcons bedding – http://www.potterybarnkids.com 
Millennium Falcons cup – http://www.disneystore.co.uk
Woodstock trundle bed – http://www.johnlewis.com

Aren’t you a little short for a storm trooper?

Storm troopers have to be one of the most iconic of the franchise.   Whilst they have evolved over time, their striking design were a must for inclusion in the room.  The life size cut out is one I’ve had since the 1990’s, I think, a Christmas gift from my dad.  A more recent Star Wars icon, BB8, acts as timekeeper and night watch man (available from multiple retailers).


Storm trooper – vintage, but now available in Argos
Storm trooper cushion – Morrisons Supermarket

A weapon for a more civilised age

I had seen some other Star Wars rooms including the legendary lightsabers, but I didn’t want to get toy or replica ones if possible.   I was pleased to discover the Seletti neon strip lights on Amara, which came in a selection of different colours.  We opted for a Anakin/Luke/Rey blue version, and a plain white version to match the decor.  My trusted Anglepoise lamps look to give the bed x-wings…


Lightsabers – http://www.amara.com 
Anglepoise – available from different retailers and in different colours

That’s no moon!

The Pottery Barn Kids range included a wonderfully quirky Death Star bean bag – also showcasing some fabulous reflective accents.  It is just AWESOME!  We also decided to include our photographic print of Buzz Aldrin’s footprint on the (real) Moon, just to mix things up a bit!


Bean bag – http://www.potterybarnkids.com
Light – http://www.amazon.co.uk
Moon print – Local art dealer – print made up of CapCom transcript from Apollo 11 mission

In a Galaxy far, far away…

And it wouldn’t be a Star Wars room without some stars to set the scene.  There was a great selection of funky wall art on the internet, and we sourced some galaxy wall stickers for the MF cockpit library (which was also painted using Rustoleum Furniture Paint, Anthracite) and a Star Wars title transfer from eBay and Amazon respectively. Soft furnishings supplied by John Lewis and M&S.  The little cute planet plushes are from Celestial Buddies.


Galaxy wall sticker – The Stickers Wall, eBay
A Star Wars wall decal – Ciaras Cool Graphics, Amazon
Star rug – http://www.johnlewis.com
Star curtains – http://www.marksandspencers.com

*Update! New Hyperdrive wall mural purchased recently from the Pottery Barn range!*

In the future, I am hoping to source a vintage AT-AT toy and possibly some other vintage pieces.  But for now, it’s ready to welcome its first visitors!  

May the force be with you.



Team Wales #TogetherStonger

Wales’ motto, “Gorau Chwarae, Cyd Chwarae”, transposed into the social media hashtag, #togetherstronger epitomised the dragons’ approach to their Euro 2016 campaign. 

The debutants were underdogs from the start, but exceeded all expectations by defeating all odds firstly by toppings their group and then pulling off a miraculous victory against second ranked, Belgium, at the quarter finals, finding themselves just 90 minutes away from a place in the final.   But Wales’ dream was cut just short of the line by superstar Cristiano Ronaldo and an invigorated Portugal team at the semis. With the final score set at 2-0 it could have been worse, but Wales didn’t manage to find the spark that they had shown in previous games and were unable to write themselves the fairy tale ending we were all hoping for.

Oh how nice the title of “finalists” would have been, but Chris Coleman’s men exit the tournament a unified and proud collective and returned home to an unprecedented heroes welcome.  
The unity that this team has brought to our small nation eclipses anything I have ever witnessed or experience before, and not even Wales’ rugby endeavours has ever come anywhere close.  

We are all so very proud of them and there is no question that an entirely new generation of sports men and women will be inspired by what this exceptional group of players have achieved on our behalf.   

#TogetherStronger #YmaOHyd #CymruAmByth

Highlights of Wales’ Euro2016 campaign through the medium of gingerbread: 

Group B 




 Last 16 #WALNIR FT1-0
  Quarter Final #WALBEL FT3-1

  Semi Final #PORWAL FT2-0 


Home coming parade, Cardiff

Incredible scenes on the streets of Cardiff, topped off with a celebratory event at Cardiff City Stadium.  Fans and players relived the 2016 campaign and were serenaded by the Manic Street Preachers.   

Good luck for the forthcoming Russia 2018 qualifiers!!