Gingerbread project 2014 – T.A.R.D.I.S

After the success of the gingerbread AT-AT last year for our Star Wars Christmas party, I was pleased that I had the excuse to try my hand at another sci-fi classic this year, as I drew a fellow geek-chic-ette in our office Secret Santa.

Sharon is an avid Whovian, and so, my mission to replicate a Time And Relative Dimension In Space a.k.a a TARDIS, commenced.fullsizeoutput_7675

For anyone wanting to create a gingerbread house or other structure, the key is to make sure you create a template of your design in advance on paper.  This will make it easier to assemble your design and avoid having to waste time and ingredients re making the gingerbread pieces.  It is also worth baking the gingerbread a little longer than specified to make larger structures more robust. My favourite gingerbread recipe is the Hummingbird Bakery version – very easy to make and always delicious!

Whilst certainly no match for some of the incredible replicas I saw online, my version is a much cuter version of the classic 1960s British Police box.  I was particularly pleased with the light on the top, which was done using a set of battery operated fairy lights placed inside the Tardis, and the wreath gave the little blue box a distinctive festive look. 

To finish the scene, I found a printable Dalek from Instructables that I topped with a pot of fabulous nontoxic glitter for Sharon to use in her own culinary creations.

It was great fun working on this project, and I am so pleased that Sharon loved it.  


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