Hogwarts Birthday Feast

I was looking through my blog posts earlier looking to find some pictures from previous Harry Potter themed parties we have hosted (in readiness for our Harry Potter Halloween 2020 dinner party), only to discover that I had not uploaded a post from the party we organised for our god-daughter back in 2019.

It was great to have another excuse to try out some different recipes, and always good to be able to re-use previous decorations. We are very fortunate that our dining room just lends itself perfectly for re-creating a Hogwarts banquet. Here are some snapshots from the party:

The cake

I also relished the chance to try and make a cute cake for the occasion, and I was pleasantly surprised by how well it turned out, thanks for plenty of inspiration from Pinterest.

The decor

As you can see, no real effort here, as we already had all of the decorations from our Christmas party. The ceiling candles were a great purchase from Amazon, and we keep the tacks in the beams for easy installation. The only issue is that the batteries drain very quickly, and it is a little bit of a faff having to replace every one before use! The banners and letter set were from Primark, and so relatively inexpensive.

The food

We opted for a colourful buffet of sweet treats and savoury snacks. The Slytherin snake breadsticks were another easy bake, using a packet of pizza dough, and the pasties were also simple to make using bought rolled puff pastry filled with a mix of tinned pumpkin puree and some grated cheese.

Hope this has given you some ideas of how easily you can re-create your own Hogwarts feast, and I am certainly looking forward to our Halloween re-creation:)

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