They used to laugh and call him names…

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away….DSC_3339
….the inspired people at Lego were busying themselves creating the Star Wars advent calendar that has now become a new tradition for me and my work colleagues in the lead up to the Christmas holidays.DSC_3432First released in 2011, the original set included some of the original Rebel/Empire era favourites such as the Millennium Falcon, an X-Wing and Chewy, as well as some newer Clone Wars fires, such as a Clone Pilot and a Pilot Battle Droid.  This inaugural set included the fabulously festive, Santa Yoda on Christmas Eve. 2012 introduced an AT-AT, a Star Destroyer, a wonderful R2-D2 Snowman, and a Santa Darth Maul to the mix, with the latest 2013 version of santa taking the form of Jango Fett.  
There was no denying it any longer: Star Wars & Christmas go together like Buddy the Elf & Maple Syrup, Kevin McAlister &Cat Burglars and John McClane & Nakatomi Plaza.
DSC_3366Having quickly browsed the internet for some inspiration on festive Star Wars related party fare, it seemed that Star Wars gingerbread was the most popular nod to the franchise favourite.  There is something wonderfully enchanting about the Empire Strikes Back’s AT-AT (All Terrain Armoured Transport).
DSC_3312The snowy scene at the Battle of Hoth seemed like it was made with a gingerbread future in mind, and having printed off some blueprints online, I set out to create one of the most challenging culinary treats I have thus far attempted.  It really was like creating, and then assembling, an Ikea flat-packed product: the individual gingerbread pieces having to be cut, baked, and then “glued” together with sticky royal icing.  The poor brittle legs did not, unfortunately, support the weight of the main body casing, but a well placed cup did the trick to hold this marvel in place.  Hoth was easily recreated using icing sugar, bristle snow trees and a vintage 1980 AT-AT driver figure (not to scale, of course!).
 The rest of the Xmas table was filled with a fleet of galactic treats:DSC_3322DSC_3325DSC_3328DSC_3335DSC_3329DSC_3351DSC_3391DSC_3385DSC_3383

R2-D2 fairy lights and star wars snowflakes added the finishing touches to the party!DSC_3317DSC_3314


7 thoughts on “They used to laugh and call him names…

    • I used black coloured fondant icing as it was easy to cut and apply. The white bits are rice chocolate bits from the baking isle. For the wookie shaped head I just flattened the gingerbread man’s head a little. So much fun to make!

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