Gingerbread of Heaven – A decade in review

I was scrolling through my iPhotos earlier this week, only to discover that it is now well over a decade since I started documenting the Six Nations rugby tournament through the medium of gingerbread!

These little fellas have evolved considerably since then, and I have also had so much fun creating gingerbread structures and biscuits from across different fandoms.

To celebrate ten years of geek-chic baking, I decided to collate these works into one post. Enjoy!

Rugby – Six Nations

Rugby – World Cups & Lions

Football & Football (Soccer)

Star Wars

Star Trek

Miscellaneous fandoms

Yes. Die Hard is absolutely a Christmas movie (confirmed by the late Clarence Gilyard Jr (aka Theo) when I met him in July 2022 – RIP)!

Origin story

And I can’t finish this post without an honourable mention of the fabulous people at The Biscuiteers company. Their delightfully delicious and colourful biscuit tins inspired me to give them a go myself, and and release of their own biscuit cook book helped me to refine my biscuits over time. I have been a huge fan of the company from its early days and encourage everyone to check them out if you’re in need of an unusual gift. They also now have a US online store!

I was absolutely thrilled to have these beautiful cassettes commissioned for my 40th birthday last year! What a treat. One day I’ll be able to recreate this exceptional standard…

Happy Holidays and stay nerdy!

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