Six Nations 2020 Suspended: Covid-19

Welsh shirt dusted off, tickets in hand, we were looking forward to the 2020 Six Nations Championship climax weekend when normality was set aside and the new social distancing world order took hold.

On the afternoon of Friday 13th March, the Wales v Scotland game, to be held at the Principality Stadium (Cardiff) the following day, was postponed, officially the last scheduled sporting event in the World (that’s how much the Welsh love their rugby!) to be played, after all other fixtures having been cancelled in the wake of the escalating Covid-19 situation. Covid-19 had played its hand, and won.

This was a turning point for us, and marked the beginning of a series of social distancing measures being imposed by the UK Government and culminated in a full “lockdown” taking effect on the 24th March. Almost one month later, our national stadium had been transformed into the second largest field hospital in the UK, and re-named the Dragon Heart hospital. Many rugby heroes, most notably from the Women’s game, are hanging up their boots, and are taking up key-worker roles at the NHS and other emergency services, and we thank them for keeping us all safe in these unprecedented times.

The tournament ended with a three way contest for the men, and England sitting clearly at the top of the Women’s table. We were expecting a thrilling Super Saturday!

The 2020 cohort of biscuits are now safely packaged away, but with no vaccine expected for months at the earliest, no one is really sure when, and indeed, if, the 2020 tournament will be resumed before 2021.

To avoid the 2020 fixtures being lost in the Covid-19 drama, I have summarised where we got to, right before Super Saturday was suspended.

Round 1, Round Up



Round 2, Round Up



Round 3, Round Up



Round 4, Round Up



Round 5, Round Up “Super Saturday”

So, we are all eagerly waiting to see how the World copes with Covid-19, and we are all keeping our fingers crossed that we can resume some degree of normality as soon as possible.

#StaySafe #StayHome

#GingerBreadOfHeaven #SixBiscuits

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