365 days on planet earth: happy birthday kitCat!

To celebrate kitCat’s first birthday, we had a small up, up and away party, featuring a piñata cake.  The mini helium balloons were super cute, just like the baby birthday girl!  DSC_6154DSC_6250DSC_6136DSC_6085DSC_6108DSC_6104DSC_6088DSC_6117DSC_6097

And here are the gifts we bought her from my favourite store, Think Geek!  Hopefully the Elemental blocks will help foster a keen scientific mind and a healthy obsession with Star Wars and all things Geek Chic courtesy of the cutesy AT-AT plush!IMG_20150412_155916#1



Tiny balloons: http://prettylittlepartyshop.co.uk

Party Kits:http://www.gingerray.co.uk

AT-AT & Elemental blocks: http://www.thinkgeek.com

Marshmallow recipe:It all started with Mr Stay Puft

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