The Force Awakens: These aren’t the Easter eggs we’re looking for…

DSC_6009The ubiquitous Star Wars universe is full of “Easter Eggs”, and favourites from the franchise can also be found in other movie classics:  E.T species hold seats in the Galactic Senate in Phantom Menace (with stranded baby E.T. crying “home” at a passing Yoda in the 1982’s classic Halloween scene); R2-D2 and C-3P0 are depicted as ancient hieroglyphs in the map room in Raiders of the Lost Ark (with the Ark itself making a cameo in Empire Strikes Back); and not forgetting Indiana Jones’ frequenting of Shanghai’s Club Obi Wan in Temple of Doom.  Having had fun with a Star Wars Christmas back in 2013, why not then, have a Star Wars themed Easter this year?!

It’s a trap!

The table was set with an intergalactic tablecloth, vintage pie tins with star napkins.  The worlds of Hoth, Tatooine, Endor and the Death Star “moon” were represented by the fabulous Think Geek Solar System glasses (available at, and vintage Star Wars figures.DSC_5943DSC_5968DSC_5953

I found some fab duck egg blue lichen on our wilderness walk that I used in some gorgeous blue chicken eggs to make a Lego stormtrooper egg-box terrarium.

The M&M’s were made by the magical machine housed in M&M World, Leicester Square, London.  In addition to the Star Wars branding, you can also create your own designs and print there and then ready to enjoy at home – Truly AMAZEBALLS!!DSC_5993

Aren’t you a little short for a Stormtrooper?

Having seen a couple of pictures of Stormtrooper and Darth Vader chocolate bunnies on Pinterest, I decided to make some gingerbread versions with the left-over dough I had from the Six Biscuit Tournament.  I was pleased with the end result, and was so pleased that I found an icing felt tip pen, which made the decorating task far easier than piping!!


Here, the Stormstoopers try a little spot of hunting, the prize, a gigantic Lindt Chocolate Bunny!

We’re doomed!

I found some brilliant ice cube trays from that I used to make homemade creme eggs – the detail of the space craft is particularly impressive!  The iconic AT-AT was my favourite, and reminded me of the far more complex iteration I constructed out of gingerbread!  (Click here to see the gingerbread version: (

Here, our favourite droids duo, Artoo and C-3PO encapsulated in chocolate and goo!

Laugh it up, fuzzball

And not forgetting the series’ other legendary pairing, the unbelievably arrogant, but undeniably awesome, Han and Chewie! Punching it around the Kessel Run in the piece of junk known as the Millennium Falcon!DSC_5982


Every year we make chocolate Shredded Wheat east nests, but this time they take on a mischievous guise, fashioning the desert attire of the Tatooine scavengers, Jawas.DSC_5970

That’s no moon.  It’s a chicken!

And of course, it wouldn’t be easter without a couple of tacky fluffy chicks.  Here, a more exotic variety is being trained by the Dark Side enforcers.DSC_6027

Star Wars day this year (May the fourth, of course) is going to be particularly notable, as it marks the start of the countdown to the release of the space opera epic, Episode VII, later this year!



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