Fallout: A Party Quest

Please stand by, for next Tuesday (10th Nov) sees the release of Bethesda’s newest member of the Fallout franchise. Set in the Eastern city of Boston, with both pre and post war elements, the world can hardly contain itself! I thought it would be fun to repost the blog I wrote last year documenting our Fallout New Vegas party. This year, we are planning a Thanksgiving version, and i’ll be blogging about this at the end of November. I hope you all enjoy the game!!

Geek Chic HQ

Following the release of Fallout: New Vegas in 2010, we celebrated by hosting a Fallout themed party for James’ birthday.  Our trip to Vegas last May prompted us to re-enact the festivities for James’ birthday this year.   We decided, however, to broaden the scope of the party to include Fallout 3, inspired by the Vault 101 birthday party held at the start of the game.


History of the Fallout Universe

The twenty third century in the Fallout universe is set in an alternate reality that diverged from our own in the mid 1940s, prior to the start of the Cold War and the subsequent Space Race between the US and the USSR.   

A global energy crisis in the twenty first century saw the Fallout superpowers scrambling for control of the planet’s dwindling fossil fuels, and with the collapse of the United Nations, these superpowers resorted to a devastating…

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