Wanderlust Series: 10 Things I Love about Seattle


As the setting of one of my favourite movies, I thought it would be fun to introduce this wonderful city through the medium of verse, paying homage to the poem penned for the movie’s finale.  Whilst no-where near a perfect example, it should give you a taste of what wonders await you if you can make time for a visit.

I LOVE the way you over-look

The waters of the Puget Sound

I LOVE the way Mount Rainier looms

For all to see from miles around.


I LOVE your retro Space Needle

And your awesome monorail.

I LOVE your bars like e-Smith Mercantile

I’ll miss your crafty ales.


I LOVE the way you love your food

I LOVE it at Pike Place

I LOVE Biscuit Bitch and Starbucks

Gobbled up without a trace.


I LOVED my trip to the Emerald City:

The seaplanes, the Seahawks and stacks of sockeye.

But mostly, Seattle, I LOVED your charm

And that I’ll miss, much more than a little bit: Time to say goodbye.




The Warwick SeattleDSC_0247


Biscuit Bitch 1909 1ST Avenue (closed Tuesdays)


Pike Place MarketDSC_0135DSC_0234DSC_0298DSC_0309DSC_1295DSC_1422DSC_1292

Shiro’s Sushi 2401 2nd AvenueDSC_1513DSC_1497DSC_1497

Starbucks  and Tasting Room 1124 Pike StreetDSC_0501

Original Starbucks 1912 Pike PlaceDSC_0293

Rachel’s Gingerbeer 1610 12th AvenueDSC_0233DSC_0136DSC_0143

Molten Hot Cakes 5427 Ballard AvenueDSC_1258DSC_1256BARS

E-Smith Mercantile 208 First Avenue SouthDSC_0429DSC_0427

Canon Whiskey and Bitters Emporium 982 12th AvenueDSC_0488

Radiator Whiskey 94 Pike StreetDSC_1523


Seattle AquariumDSC_1351

Great WheelDSC_0155

Museum of FlightDSC_4173

Visit REI’s flagship storeDSC_1468


Kenmore Air Seaplane TripsDSC_7311

EMP and MonorailDSC_0325

Space NeedleDSC_0358

Emerald City Trolley ToursDSC_7079

Pioneer SquareDSC_0412 DSC_7095

Fremont TrollDSC_7000

Century Link Field – Seahawks FootballDSC_7065

Visit Kerry Park and Gaswork Park for skyline viewsDSC_7046DSC_0332

Gumwall, Pike PlaceDSC_0220

Seattle Public LibraryDSC_0437

Super Elephant CarwashDSC_1536


If you have the time, there are three National Parks within 3 hours of Seattle: Mount Rainier, North Cascades and the Olympic National Park (more on these in later posts!)

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