WAnderlust Series: 10 Things I Love about Seattle


As the setting of one of my favourite movies, I thought it would be fun to introduce this wonderful city through the medium of verse, paying homage to the poem penned for the movie’s finale.  Whilst no-where near a perfect example, it should give you a taste of what wonders await you if you can make time for a visit.

I LOVE the way you over-look

The waters of the Puget Sound

I LOVE the way Mount Rainier looms

For all to see from miles around.


I LOVE your retro Space Needle

And your awesome monorail.

I LOVE your bars like e-Smith Mercantile

I’ll miss your crafty ales.


I LOVE the way you love your food

I LOVE it at Pike Place

I LOVE Biscuit Bitch and Starbucks

Gobbled up without a trace.


I LOVED my trip to the Emerald City:

The seaplanes, the Seahawks and stacks of sockeye.

But mostly, Seattle, I LOVED your charm

And that I’ll miss, much more than a little bit: Time to say goodbye.




The Warwick Seattlefullsizeoutput_723b


Biscuit Bitch 1909 1ST Avenue (closed Tuesdays)


Pike Place Market

Shiro’s Sushi 2401 2nd Avenue

Starbucks  and Tasting Room 1124 Pike Street

Original Starbucks 1912 Pike PlaceOriginal Starbucks

Rachel’s Gingerbeer 1610 12th Avenue


Molten Hot Cakes 5427 Ballard Avenue


E-Smith Mercantile 208 First Avenue South

Canon Whiskey and Bitters Emporium 982 12th AvenueBourbon and root beer float with Red Vine straw

Radiator Whiskey 94 Pike Streetfullsizeoutput_716c


Seattle Aquariumfullsizeoutput_7187

Great Wheelfullsizeoutput_7255

Museum of Flightfullsizeoutput_6dd6

Visit REI’s flagship storefullsizeoutput_717c


Kenmore Air Seaplane Tripsfullsizeoutput_71b3

EMP and Monorailfullsizeoutput_7222

Space Needlefullsizeoutput_7204

Emerald City Trolley Toursfullsizeoutput_71faDSC_7091

Pioneer SquarePioneer Square

Fremont TrollFremont Troll

Century Link Field – Seahawks Footballfullsizeoutput_78a

Visit Kerry Park and Gaswork Park for skyline views


Gumwall, Pike Placefullsizeoutput_7246

Seattle Public LibraryPubic library

Super Elephant Carwashfullsizeoutput_7162


If you have the time, there are three National Parks within 3 hours of Seattle: Mount St. Helens, Snoqualmie Falls (Twin Peaks), Mount Rainier, North Cascades and the Olympic National Park (including Twilight country) (more on these in later posts!)

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