DSC_3757This year, we were invited to a letter “G” party by our good friends Matthew and Jenna.  A pretty tough one, but we ended up choosing a Battlestar Galactica uniform (XO Saul Tigh) for James, and a Gum-ball machine outfit for me.  DSC_3751DSC_3812

The gum-ball machine costume, whilst easy, was time consuming, and if you are ever making this costume yourself, please do leave yourself enough time to glue each of the pom-poms onto your dress!!  It takes longer than you think.DSC_3820DSC_3753

Fuji instax mini version!

Fuji instax mini version!

Other costumes included a Gladiator, Ruud Gullit (I have to confess I had no-idea who this was (he is a footballer, if you didn’t know already), but it was a great costume!), Goddess, Gnome and Gandalf! DSC_3809Our hosts served a delicious platter of Italian anti-pasta; a gorgeous Nigella Festive Feast of chicken and couscous (adorned) with pomegranate seeds; plenty of bubbles; and a lovely white chocolate and mint mouse served in a selection of tourist shot glasses.  We also played charades and the “post-it-on-your-forehead” name game, which got progressively funnier as the evening progressed!  The London fireworks closed the evening by heralding in the New Year with its usual explosive splendour.DSC_3758DSC_3787DSC_3783DSC_3800DSC_3805

Thanks guys for organising such a fabulous evening!

Wishing everyone a prosperous 2015!DSC_3889


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