fullsizeoutput_760fThis year, we were invited to a letter “G” party by our good friends Matthew and Jenna.  A pretty tough one, but we ended up choosing a Battlestar Galactica uniform (XO Saul Tigh) for James, and a Gum-ball machine outfit for me.  fullsizeoutput_663d

The gum-ball machine costume, whilst easy, was time consuming, and if you are ever making this costume yourself, please do leave yourself enough time to glue each of the pom-poms onto your dress!!  It takes longer than you think.

Other costumes included a Gladiator, Ruud Gullit (I have to confess I had no-idea who this was (he is a footballer, if you didn’t know already), but it was a great costume!), Goddess, Gnome and Gandalf

Our hosts served a delicious platter of Italian anti-pasta; a gorgeous Nigella Festive Feast of chicken and couscous (adorned) with pomegranate seeds; plenty of bubbles; and a lovely white chocolate and mint mouse served in a selection of tourist shot glasses.  We also played charades and the “post-it-on-your-forehead” name game, which got progressively funnier as the evening progressed!  The London fireworks closed the evening by heralding in the New Year with its usual explosive splendour.

Thanks guys for organising such a fabulous evening!

Wishing everyone a prosperous 2015!


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