Cintus Supremus: The essence of an 80s childhood

 I have vivid memories of the first time that I saw Steven Spielberg’s 1982 sci-fi classic, E.T:  It was 1985, and my mum had taken me and my little sister to the re-release of the movie at the Odeon cinema on Swansea’s Kingsway.

IMG_20140504_231240It was unlike anything I had experienced before.  It was mesmerising, wonderful and frightening in equal measures.  The relationship between the “lost boy” and the marooned alien sought to inspire tolerance in a generation of kids across the globe, but for me, it’s gorgeous and Oscar winning piano score fostered a love of music, whilst the dazzling cinematography ignited a lifetime fascination with the mysteries of outer space.

IMG_20140504_181720Whilst I was initially disappointed that the Motley Movies screening of Star Wars scheduled for May 4th fell through, I was pleased when it was announced that E.T was selected to replace it. Who can forget, of course, the homages to the George Lucas’ forerunner when Elliot plays out a scene from the movie using his action figures, and Yoda’s appearance at Halloween! As the more fanatical followers of the Star Wars canon will know, George Lucas returns the favour by giving the E.T. aliens a seat in the Galactic Senate in Episode I.

IMG_0984The venue for the movie was the rooftop terrace of the Jacobs Antique market in central Cardiff.   The weather was glorious as we enjoyed a few glasses of Prosecco and a Grazing Shed burger overlooking the city, waiting for the sun to set and the projector reel to roll into motion.

IMG_0987IMG_20140504_182124IMG_0985With the large screen, the large speakers, the fabulous unlimited popcorn together with a front row seat, it felt like it was the 1980s again, and we were treated to the un-spoiled, un-altered original release version – not a Walkie-Talkie in sight!IMG_20140504_230549The evening reminded us all of why this delightful movie remained the top grossing film for over ten years, beaten to the top spot by another Spielberg masterpiece, Jurassic Park, in 1993.

20140504_223831The first weekend of a Summer-long schedule of screenings at Jacobs was amazing, and I cannot recommend it highly enough.   For our next outing to the roof, we will be fast-forwarding a decade into the late ninetees for an evening in the company of our favourite heist-hard-men, Vinnie Jones and Jason Statham,  as we witness their propulsion towards blockbuster fame in the Brit-grit-comedy-classic Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels.

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Me, sometime in the late 1980s with my entourage of plush toys - E.T is amongst them, of course!

Me, sometime in the late 1980s, with my entourage of plush toys – E.T is amongst them, of course!


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