A Cheep-Chic Easter

I absolutely adore the little chenille chicks you can buy at Easter time! They are just so fabulously kitsch! 




Our Easter supper this year was a simple cheese board and other snacks, framed with a lovely vintage Kraft American process cheese crate (purchased from an Etsy store) and retro cheese “pixies”.

DSC_5578 DSC_5534DSC_5535DSC_5536

The crate was filled with alpine plants and a selection of catkins.  DSC_5561DSC_5566

Our pastel napkins were transformed into bunnies, also adorned with a sprig of catkins, to represent the bob tail of the bunny rabbit.


We also enjoyed Easter Bark, made from white and milk chocolate and bejewelled with smashed pretzel and white chocolate m&ms, candy corns and marshmallows. Yummy!



A selection of other chocolatey treats accompanied this pretty pastel bark.



Chick on location @ Devil's Bridge, Ceredigion, Wales

Chick on location @ Devil’s Bridge, Ceredigion, Wales


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