Admiral, there be Wales here!

Happy St.David’s Day! On the 1st March each year, Welsh people across the quadrant celebrate the rich culture and identity of Wales. It does not usually involve any form of geek culture, but this year I decided to make Star Trek themed Welsh Cakes (using my newly acquired Delta Sheild cookie cutter) to mark how […]

Happy Saint David’s Day 2015! – Discovering the New World

Today is St David’s Day, and the people of Wales are celebrating the life and times of their Patron Saint, St David.   I was also interested to hear that all across America, “Welsh Americans” were celebrating this National event over the weekend.   We are all familiar with “Irish Americans” and “Scottish Americans”, but I have […]

Happy St. David’s Day: Introducing the Wonderfully Versatile Welsh Cake

Yesterday, the people of Wales celebrated St. David’s Day.  Back in the sixth century, Dewi Sant helped establish a monastery on the site where St David’s cathedral, Pembrokeshire, now stands.  “Dydd Gwyl Dewi” celebrates the life and death of this popular saint, and the first of March has been a national day of remembrance for the Welsh patron saint since […]