Vault Dweller’s BIRTHDAY Survival Guide – Fallout 4 Thanksgiving Party 2015

Let’s be honest here: I am not a gamer.  But there is something about the Fallout universe that fascinates me.  There is something very “Wabi-Sabi” about the desolation of the Wasteland.  And so when Fallout 4’s release was announced at E3 in the Spring, I was admittedly quite excited about having an excuse to host […]

“It is not down on any map; true places never are.” – Moby Dick Baby Mobile

I WAS DELIGHTED WHEN MY GOOD FRIEND, CLARE, TOLD ME THAT SHE WAS GOING TO HAVE A BABY.   What wasn’t so helpful was her deciding that she wanted the sex of the baby to be a surprise, thus making the finding of a suitable gift all the more tricky! (how very inconsiderate of her;)) […]