The World in Union: #RWC2019 Japan

The 2019 Rugby World Cup kicks off today in Tokyo, as hosts Japan take on Pool A rivals Russia. This is a completely new territory for the Rugby World Cup, and is the first time a World Cup has been hosted by a country other than one of the Tier 1 Nations. There is no doubt that the culture of Japan will bring a whole new dimension to the tournament, and it is going to be a cracker!

Legend has it that the game was invented by Rugby School student, William Webb Ellis, when he decided to pick up the ball during a regular football (soccer) game, thus inventing the egg-shaped ball game we all love today. The rest, as they say, is history.

The RWC represents the pinnacle of the international game, with the world’s elite players from twenty nations scrummaging it out to get their hands on the glorious Webb Ellis Cup.

This is the ninth tournament since it’s inception in 1987, and only four nations have ever won the coveted title: New Zealand (1987, 2011, 2015), Australia (1991, 1999), South Africa (1995, 2007), and England (2003).

Rugby has always been played in the spirit of unity, and taking this as its core theme, the tournament’s logo brings together the rising sun and Mt. Fuji with the World Rugby logo. The World in Union.

Over the next seven weeks #RWC2019 will be a global festival of rugby as we will be entertained by a total of 40 group stage games, and 8 knock-out games (quarter finals (played out by the top two teams of each of the four groups), the semi finals and bronze final) which includes the final showdown to be played on Saturday 2nd November at the Yokohama Stadium, Kanagawa.  In the UK, all 48 games will be available on ITV channels.

Here are your 2019 biscuit competitors:

Pool A


Pool B


Pool C


Pool D


May the best biscuit win!

#RWC2019 #Rugby #GingerBreadOfHeaven

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