“Two young people fell in love, and we all turned up”

There is little doubt that Meghan and Harry have set the standard for a reformed and more progressive British monarchy with their gorgeously diverse and inclusive wedding ceremony. It was incredible.

It was quite unexpected too. I don’t think any of us really thought we would see such a dazzling divergence from the usual royal traditions. The passionate and engrossing sermon about the redemptive power of love from the wonderful reverend Michael Curry (quoting from MLK), the most beautiful performance from young cellist Sheku Kanneh-Mason (Franz Schubert’s “Ave Maria,” Gabriel Fauré’s “Après un rêve” and Maria Theresia von Paradis’ “Sicilienne) and the moving rendition of Ben E. King’s Stand By Me by the gospel Kingdom Choir collectively made this a truly remarkable and historic moment for the Monarchy.

Meghan’s solitary yet bold entry into Windsor’s St George’s mediaeval Chapel and her speech at the evening reception were both statements of intent in terms of what influence Meghan, the feminist and all round good cause supporter, may wield over an institution that has only very recently started to fully embrace the increasingly diverse and tolerant modernity in which we live. The use of native plants in the floral displays was yet another positive statement made to show how the newly weds value environmental issues. This is a couple who promise to use their influence to make our planet a better place, one small step at a time. Their wedding was proof of that.

After all of the nay- sayers’ negativity over the past few months, it was refreshing to see such an overwhelmingly positive response from all around the world to the lovely couple as more than 100,000 well wishers descended on Windsor with another 13 million of us watching on our television sets.

Harry & Meghan: may the power of love bring you a wonderful and happy marriage!

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