Do or do not. There is no try – DIY Star Wars Room


Since discovering the Star Wars range at Pottery Barn Kids a few years ago, I have aspired to have a Star Wars room of my own.  This only became a possibility for us when we moved from our small apartment to a four bedroom house back in March;  We finally had the extra rooms to have a little fun with our decor choices!

The timing of our move couldn’t have been better, as we had a scheduled trip to the US for a wedding in May (thanks Dara & Adam;)), meaning we could stop by a PBK to pick up the crucial bedding sets that would be the platform for our new room.

It took a couple of months to pull together, but it’s finally ready for little Padawans to visit (Jedi Masters also welcome!).

Here’s how we did it…

She’s the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy

Pottery Barn Kids has a fabulous collection of Star Wars bedding.  We chose the Millennium Falcom range.  The collection features the Millennium Falcon being chaperoned by a squadron of X-Wings as they look to take down the Galactic Empire’s “ultimate weapon”, the Death Star.  The stars themselves are made from reflective fabric, making them shine with flashes of light in a darkened room.  We also bought the matching sheet set and one of the Shams.   Overall the quality is fantastic, with most of the product having been hand-stitched.  The bed is a practical trundle design, which can be used either as two single beds or as a double.

Millennium Falcons bedding – 
Millennium Falcons cup –
Woodstock trundle bed –

Aren’t you a little short for a storm trooper?

Storm troopers have to be one of the most iconic of the franchise.   Whilst they have evolved over time, their striking design were a must for inclusion in the room.  The life size cut out is one I’ve had since the 1990’s, I think, a Christmas gift from my dad.  A more recent Star Wars icon, BB8, acts as timekeeper and night watch man (available from multiple retailers).


Storm trooper – vintage, but now available in Argos
Storm trooper cushion – Morrisons Supermarket

A weapon for a more civilised age

I had seen some other Star Wars rooms including the legendary lightsabers, but I didn’t want to get toy or replica ones if possible.   I was pleased to discover the Seletti neon strip lights on Amara, which came in a selection of different colours.  We opted for a Anakin/Luke/Rey blue version, and a plain white version to match the decor.  My trusted Anglepoise lamps look to give the bed x-wings…


Lightsabers – 
Anglepoise – available from different retailers and in different colours

That’s no moon!

The Pottery Barn Kids range included a wonderfully quirky Death Star bean bag – also showcasing some fabulous reflective accents.  It is just AWESOME!  We also decided to include our photographic print of Buzz Aldrin’s footprint on the (real) Moon, just to mix things up a bit!


Bean bag –
Light –
Moon print – Local art dealer – print made up of CapCom transcript from Apollo 11 mission

In a Galaxy far, far away…

And it wouldn’t be a Star Wars room without some stars to set the scene.  There was a great selection of funky wall art on the internet, and we sourced some galaxy wall stickers for the MF cockpit library (which was also painted using Rustoleum Furniture Paint, Anthracite) and a Star Wars title transfer from eBay and Amazon respectively. Soft furnishings supplied by John Lewis and M&S.  The little cute planet plushes are from Celestial Buddies.


Galaxy wall sticker – The Stickers Wall, eBay
A Star Wars wall decal – Ciaras Cool Graphics, Amazon
Star rug –
Star curtains –

*Update! New Hyperdrive wall mural purchased recently from the Pottery Barn range!*

In the future, I am hoping to source a vintage AT-AT toy and possibly some other vintage pieces.  But for now, it’s ready to welcome its first visitors!  

May the force be with you.


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