Super Science Day!

Last Saturday may have been Super Pi Day, but today was Super Science Day, as the Spring Equinox corresponded with the best Solar Eclipse in the UK since 1999.

We were fortunate enough to have crisp clear skies this morning to witness this remarkable celestial phenomenon, after the warnings of grey and overcast conditions failed to materialise.

Productivity levels in the office dipped significantly as we deserted the building in favour of the nearby urban space a little after 9:00am, armed with a welding mask and pie tin to safely observe the heavens.

We watched mesmerised as our valiant yet invisible super-satellite slowly devoured all but a small crescent of our star, depriving us of the comforting light and warmth of what we would otherwise have expected from any other regular Spring morning.

It was a spectacular experience, but we will have to wait another decade for another partial eclipse, or a lifetime (2090) for the next totality to cast its shadow in the UK. To top off a wonderful day, I also received my amazing Solar System tumbler set from, which includes a teeny-tiny Pluto, the old school planet that was sadly relegated to the status of dwarf planet in 2006.

It was strange to think that the last time I was enjoying the total eclipse back in August 1999, Pluto was one of the 9 undisputed planets, and no one was yet living on the ISS.  Since then, we have seen humans achieve great feats, the most notable of late being the miraculous landing of the Philae lander on comet 67 P.  One can only begin to imagine what exciting discoveries await us over the next fifteen years.

Today, then, lets all say a big “Yay! and Hooray!” for Science!

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