The Colour Purple – International Women’s Day 2015

On this year’s International Women’s Day, I am thankful for the sacrifices made by those strong women of our past, as I would not be a successful lawyer today without their tireless efforts.  In September this year, I will have been in the legal profession for ten years, and the opportunities for women have certainly improved, at my firm at least, within this period.

However, whilst women are now occupying a greater percentage of high profile positions across the country, women continue to face prejudices and challenges in their personal lives and throughout their career journeys.

Everyone recognises that inherent sexism in society will take time to filter out completely, but it is important that we all continue to push forward in the footsteps of those campaigners like Emmeline Pankhurst so that a future where true equality exists becomes a genuine reality.

Here are some of those women who have inspired me over the years:

  • Audrey Hepburn – 1950’s movie star and humanitarian
  • J K Rowling  – author and one of the most successful self made woman
  • Hilary Clinton – politician.  Former Secretary of State and looking to be America’s first female president
  • Angelina Joile – movie star and humanitarian and champion of women’s rights worldwide
  • Sally Ride – first American women in space
  • Kate Spade – my favourite fashion designer.  Has been a huge influence on my personal style
  • Coco Chanel – 1920s designer who redefined male styles for women
  • The Queen – the ultimate role model, having served the British public since 1952

Let’s all take the time today to recognise those women who inspire us, and keep fighting for equality!




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