Think Pink! (and gold)

When my good friend asked me to host her 31st birthday dinner party, I gladly accepted, and promptly started making the necessary arrangements. We were also set to host two of our old college friends, which meant that I had more of an excuse than usual to make an extra effort.


The theme was inspired by a lovely set of LSA tumblers (acquired by yours truly in the New Year sales) which incorporated fabulous gold lustre banding. I had also inherited a wonderfully kitsch collection of vintage Pony glasses that had belonged to my grandmother, who had sadly passed away in December. These had not been used in many decades (if at all), it seemed, such was their immaculate condition.
Pinks and browns were subsequently added to the pallet, and my brand new “The Vintage Tea Party Year” book (received from a like-minded friend at Christmas), provided inspiration for the last few finishing flourishes.
The decor was achieved with a very modest budget, using a roll of brown paper packaging for the table runner, and topped with hand-made paper sheets for the individual settings.  Fresh cut flowers, and pussy willows, complemented the overall colour scheme, whilst a couple of tissue paper honeycomb garlands both adorned, and framed, the eating space.  Gold-effect stainless-steel cutlery concluded the table’s sumptuousness.
The Menu
Buckets of  pink sparkled popcorn to start;
Pink mustard fish pie and red cabbage (courtesy of Amanda Jenner for the main course;
And delightful choux pastry swans with salted caramel sauce for pudding (courtesy of Angel Adoree
Dinner was accompanied by smooth jazz, and a selection of pink and gold bubbling blissfulness.  Baby vanilla cupcakes on standby, gleaming, just in case…
Hip, Hip, Hooray for wonderful evenings with friends!

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