Super Bowl XLVII – Brawling, Brothers and Blackouts

DSC_8599The sporting spectacle that is the Super Bowl, took place at the Big Easy’s Super Dome on Sunday, and spectators were certainly not going to be disappointed.

It was a game of brothers, brawling and blackouts, with the Baltimore Ravens securing an historic victory over the San Francisco 49ers to walk away with the coveted Lombardi trophy. Jacoby Jones’ post-season record 108-yard touchdown, just after half-time, gave the Ravens a seemingly insurmountable lead of 28-6 over the Super Bowl veterans, but the half-hour power outage provided sufficient distraction for the 49ers to mastermind a frenzied come-back, scoring no less than 17 points within a period of minutes during the third quarter.

However, with only minutes to go, Kaepernick’s series of incomplete passes meant that the 49ers’ narrowly failed to clinch the franchise’s sixth Super Bowl title. Instead, Flacco was crowned the game’s MVP, John beat Jim, and Ray Lewis ended his 17 year career with a second piece of Super Bowl bling to his name.

Meanwhile in the UK…

The Snackadium construction project was nearing completion, and the last of the tasty morsels finally took their seats at around 18.00GMT on Monday 4th February, primed and ready for kick-off:


The Menu: Chip ‘n dip selection; Mini corn dog muffins; Corned beef pasties; Choc’ chip cupcakes; Sugar cookies; Pretzel sticks; Cheesy gold fish; Sweet ‘n salty kernels; Token salad items; And sloppy joes for Simon (our favourite dairy-phobe).

Despite a potentially fatal half-time technical glitch (Note to self: always check your remaining hard-drive memory space before trying to record one of the year’s most anticipated sporting events), the evening proved to be a wonderful success: What better way could there be to spend a plain-old Monday evening, than with close friends and party food?!

All in all, it was a both a blast and a blow-out:




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