Super Bowl XLVII Party Preparations – Phase I

The NFL post-season finale is fast approaching, and the party preparations are already in full swing!

This year, I thought it would be fun to serve all of our snacks in the form of a Snackadium.  The stadium has been assembled using: a large cardboard box; aluminium baking trays; two large American red party cups; and lots (and lots!) of strong sticky tape.  This is very much an American tradition, but you could just as easily use the Snackadium for other field sports, such as rugby or football (soccer).

Here are the latest Snackadium Construction Project, Phase I, photos:

Snackadium - Phase I

Snackadium – Phase I

Snackadium - Phase I

Snackadium – Phase I

It is a colossal structure, I admit, but this is necessary for two VERY important reasons: to make absolutely sure that all of your snacks will fit inside it; but also to ensure that the Snackadium will accurately reflect the dimensions of an actual sports stadium.

To continue with the spectator theme, the invitations we will be sending to our guests have been designed to look like real game-day tickets:

Entry by invitation only!

Entry by invitation only! *NB: As Brits, we are having to watch the game on the Monday, due to the time zone differences:(

I made these quite easily by formatting a basic table in Microsoft Word, and adding some graphics to the table using Paint.


Updates on Phase II of the Snackadium Construction Project to follow next week…

2 thoughts on “Super Bowl XLVII Party Preparations – Phase I

  1. Forget what you actually do for a living, Eve and be a party planner / baker / general creative genius. Look, I’ve even started your CV…”Eve has vast experience in providing baked goods of excellent quality to her colleagues, friends and family. Her cakes and creations are varied, both in flavour and design. Eve is always looking for new challenges and ways to present her delicious food and recent successes have included mars bar cupcakes, a volcano and a snackadium. Eve is also experienced in preparing savoury food and ensures there is a theme running through her edible offerings for all events – including colour co-ordinating her food with the colour theme of her own wedding.” Seriously, this would be so much more fun!!!!! 🙂

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